Purple Heat Ice Melt-50lb(22.7kg) Bag


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This Premium De-Icer has every pellet
coated with 6% MCi3 & CMA to create a
faster melting and more effective product
than other ice melt products.
The 6% MCi3 & CMA
(Calcium, Magnesium Accectate) coating
makes Purple Heat Premium more anti-corrosive
and much safer for concrete & exposed metals.
A bright purple colour means you never
lose track of where you’ve used it.
Purple Heat does not clump so it spreads much
more evenly. Usage is 20-30% less than
other enviro ice melts and less than half of
traditional sodium chloride.
The magnesium chloride reacts with the ice
to heat up to 180-190F, so it drills to the
bottom of the ice to melt from the bottom up.
Doesn’t dissolve into the melted ice which
prevents overnight re-freezing for up to 3 days.
Purple Heat Premium De-Icer is vegetation,
Safe on floors & carpets and won’t track inside.

Melts to -25C (-13F)

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